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  1. Gr8dain

    Replacing L134 Head Gasket

    I was driving the 3a last week and all of a sudden I had coolant blowing smoke through the exhaust. Dragged it home and let it sit. Finally got around to pulling the head today to confirm the gasket was toast. i olan on using aviation thread sealer and installing new studs and nuts. I plan...
  2. Gr8dain

    Best ways to flat tow my 3a?

    I am looking at getting a tow bar set up so that I can flat tow my 3a. I have heard that I can do it by putting the t-case in neutral and the transmission in gear. (Did this with my Scrambler when on a dolly once). I have also heard I need to pull the driveshafts. I would only be taking it...
  3. Gr8dain

    Northern VA 95th Birthday Procession fo Tuskegee Airmen Colonel

    Javier and I participated in a celebration of the 95th birthday for a Tuskegee Airmen Colonel who fought in 3 wars. It was a wonderful celebrarion at his hime in Ashburn, VA
  4. Gr8dain

    Photo Shoots

    My son has a friend in a band and they wanted to use our 49 3a on the cover so I deove to a spot for them to take photos. Anyone else have theirs in photo shoots. Mine was also in a local magazine where they did an article on locally owned classic vehicles. the last two pics were from the...
  5. Gr8dain

    Northern VA Leesburg Cars and Coffee

    Hey everyone. I have been going to the Leesburg Cars and Coffee for the past few weeks. This past weekend was very well attended. As the weather gets better, I am assuming it will get even bigger. I would love to see some other flat fenders out there. Who wants to show up? it is at the...
  6. Gr8dain

    Northern VA Hello from Ashburn, VA

    Hello. I am in Ashburn VA. My wife and I picked up our 1949 3a from a friend of the family that was the second owner. This 3a lived on a ranch in PA called the Flying W Ranch. Our family friend bought in 80 or 81. He had the body panels straightened a bit, motor gone through and repainted...