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  1. Gr8dain

    Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive

    Today I took my 3a for a 66 mile drive through back roads in my county (Loudoun County, VA). This was a fund raising event to raise awareness for mens health. It was for vehicles older than 1980. I do believe that I had the oldest in the group. 20 had registered but after a month long...
  2. Gr8dain

    Glamour Shots

    It was a beautiful day in the DC area, so I decided to drive around a bit. Stopped to take some pics.
  3. Gr8dain

    Merry Christmas to those that celebrate

  4. Gr8dain

    Flat Fender Models/Toys

    A friend sent me the link to this 1955 Luis Marx CJ2a metal model on marketplace. So I picked it up. The color is a lot like our 3a. I might add some Christmas decorations to it for the season.
  5. Gr8dain

    Flat fenders in parades?

    I drove my 3a in a Christmas parade today. This was in Manassas VA. I flat towed it there, then decorated while in the parking lot. And while there, a volunteer Fire Department group had some old trucks. One was a CJ-6. Beautiful weather for a parade today. Has anyone else participated in...
  6. Gr8dain

    Northern VA Shenandoah Mountain Colors Run 2021

    So I tried to get some other local flat fender owners to come out with my wife and I, but it was short notice and did not work with otgers’ calendars. So we went on our own. I flat towed it the 60 miles to Skyline Drive in Front Royal, VA. Then we drove the 3a a total of around 90 miles round...
  7. Gr8dain

    Replacing L134 Head Gasket

    I was driving the 3a last week and all of a sudden I had coolant blowing smoke through the exhaust. Dragged it home and let it sit. Finally got around to pulling the head today to confirm the gasket was toast. i olan on using aviation thread sealer and installing new studs and nuts. I plan...
  8. Gr8dain

    Best ways to flat tow my 3a?

    I am looking at getting a tow bar set up so that I can flat tow my 3a. I have heard that I can do it by putting the t-case in neutral and the transmission in gear. (Did this with my Scrambler when on a dolly once). I have also heard I need to pull the driveshafts. I would only be taking it...
  9. Gr8dain

    Northern VA 95th Birthday Procession fo Tuskegee Airmen Colonel

    Javier and I participated in a celebration of the 95th birthday for a Tuskegee Airmen Colonel who fought in 3 wars. It was a wonderful celebrarion at his hime in Ashburn, VA
  10. Gr8dain

    Photo Shoots

    My son has a friend in a band and they wanted to use our 49 3a on the cover so I deove to a spot for them to take photos. Anyone else have theirs in photo shoots. Mine was also in a local magazine where they did an article on locally owned classic vehicles. the last two pics were from the...
  11. Gr8dain

    Northern VA Leesburg Cars and Coffee

    Hey everyone. I have been going to the Leesburg Cars and Coffee for the past few weeks. This past weekend was very well attended. As the weather gets better, I am assuming it will get even bigger. I would love to see some other flat fenders out there. Who wants to show up? it is at the...
  12. Gr8dain

    Northern VA Hello from Ashburn, VA

    Hello. I am in Ashburn VA. My wife and I picked up our 1949 3a from a friend of the family that was the second owner. This 3a lived on a ranch in PA called the Flying W Ranch. Our family friend bought in 80 or 81. He had the body panels straightened a bit, motor gone through and repainted...