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  1. Smith

    Wanted Tailgate Chains

    Hey fellow flatties, Just wondering if anyone has a lead on some tailgate chains in decent shape (preferably rust free and painted black) for a 2A. Willing to cover cost of shipping to the Great White North and the cost of the chains. Just trying to get some other accessories on the old gal...
  2. Smith

    Alberta 2022 BC Meet Up

    Hey, If the world permits and Governments allow would the folks of Alberta be interested in meeting up with the BC patrol? Just throwing some ideas of meeting in Calgary and area and driving up the 1A to 93 to meet in East Kootenays area for possible Labour Day Weekend fun.
  3. Smith

    Alberta Zello Channel

    Created a Zello channel to help ease communication when needing help out on the road or just in the garage or just anytime in general. AFFP Zello
  4. Smith

    Alberta Winter Thaw Event

    I know the weather has been cold and snowy this winter but am wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a winter thaw/spring ride? I understand the size of the province maybe an issue but if there enough support in a particular area we could arrange it in that local. If interested where...
  5. Smith

    Alberta Check in for your rig and yourself.

    Hello Fellow Albertans and Flat Fender Folks, A little about me is that I grew up in Alberta mainly Calgary as a kid then got relocated as a teenager to BC. Moved back to Calgary about four years ago. As far as “Slow Tug” (1947 CJ2A) goes, I found her in 2010 on a ranch in Green River, BC...
  6. Smith

    Alberta Flat Fender Patrol

    Hey Everyone, After not seeing anyone starting an Alberta Flat Fender Patrol. Is it possible to create the Alberta Flat Fender Patrol please? I am aware of there being an Antique Willys Association in Alberta but have yet to see a FFP. If any of you have any information that somebody has...
  7. Smith

    L134 Bore Size of main bearing saddles

    Hello fellow flat fender friends, I am getting my L134 fully rebuilt and the machine shop has my hard copy of the Universal Service manual but they are unable to determine the bore size of the main bearing saddles. Does anyone know what the specification was for this? or what you have used in...