Idaho 2021 Idaho Vintage Jeep Rally

Idaho vintage Jeep

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Feb 19, 2021
Hi everyone, we have dates set for the 2021 Rally. August 20-21-22. The Rally centers out of Pocatello. Locations are tentative for now until we know what COVID restrictions might be in place.

20th will be a meet and greet in the evening, hopefully we will be collecting canned goods for the food bank and have a raffle. Location TBD.

21st we will be running Knox Canyon, the group will split, people wanting to camp will head toward Rockland and people returning to Poky will loop down bull canyon and travel either through south fork of mink creek or garden creek gap.

22nd we will be going to Lake Channel sand dunes, both groups will converge in American Falls. There are great dunes to play on and rock obstacles, if there’s enough interest we could have a group go visit the Wapai water tower or other attractions on the desert.

There’s no registration, no fees and no vehicle requirements. This event is geared toward vintage jeeps so we go at a slower pace and expect mechanical delays, if you bring a newer vehicle expect to be in the back of the group.