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Jan 13, 2021
The famous CFFC FALL COLORS TOUR is set for Sept 19 to 25, 2021. You must register for the drawing per Mike's instructions as posted on THECJ2APAGE.


Feb 7, 2021
It's Superbowl Sunday, Feb 7th, and I wanted to get this report in early so I wouldn't miss the big game. The 2.1 registrations I received this past week are from Campbell-D, and Vogelzang. The 0.1 registration form was missing a critical item, a signature, so I assume it was a test run to check the registration delivery system. So a note to all future registrations, please be sure there is an actual signature on the form. Without it, it's just a test run.

With the two complete registration forms, we have a 50-50 split between new and previous FCT participants. And for those who may need it, here's another link to the registration form:

Now for your viewing pleasure, and for some a trip down memory lane, we have this in-the-shop photo of some of the guys committing surgery on a defective Jeep to make it good again. They were successful too!! I think we've replaced or rebuilt at least one transmission each year for the past 7 or 8 years. It just happens. Fortunately we've got a few tools that make the process a little bit easier than it used to be.



Feb 7, 2021
Well, it's Sunday again and time for another registration update. But today is a special Sunday, because it's Valentine's Day. So guys, I hope the married, or romantically engaged ones out there, remembered to give your gift of flowers or some other symbol of affection to your lady. I did. A fresh bouquet of red roses for Nancy. But wait, it's a double special Sunday here at Thirsty Dirt Ranch. And not because we got to minus -6* below zero this morning. Nope. It happens to be Nancy's birthday today. Yes, she's a valentine's baby. That's why she loves hearts so much. So toward that celebration there's a stack of presents all wrapped up and sitting on her favorite chair. She's still asleep so she doesn't know they're there. And I can't tell you what all is in them. I forget in my old age.

And speaking of forgetting, I forgot to mention that I only received one registration this week. It's from Schiefer. A veteran of past FCT events. That brings our total number of registrations to 92. That's so many for only mid-February. It's been just over a month since we started this year's registrations. I'm sure glad the random number generator is going to do the picking for me. I don't know how I could pick the 50 Jeeps I'd want to show out of all those interested so far.

And for your viewing enjoyment, here's a pickin' and grinin' session in the shop. George and Jeff are doing the pickin', and Nancy's doing the grinin'!!


Feb 19, 2021
M38 Mike, I know that area well. Old friend had property N of BV. Many hours driving the trails in the area. Enjoy.


Feb 7, 2021
"Ditch duty in conjunction with FCT would not be a tough job. Beer would make it even better!" said Tamnalan.

And like I said before, it's the work of convict labor to dig at Thirsty Dirt Ranch. So here's a photo of what my "dirt" looks like when it's dug up. This is the stuff you need to work through to put in a tree, or a water line, or a fence post. So Alan, if you wanna dig while you're here, I'll feed you beer my friend.


And speaking of digging ditches, I didn't get any ditches dug this past several days because mother nature decreed I needed a short break. This is the landscape she painted with snow for our viewing pleasure. I though I should share it with you all.


Now on to our Sunday morning business for today. I only received one registration this past week, and none the week before. That was for a "walk-in", someone who is coming without a Jeep. A dear friend who will be hitching rides with anyone who has a spare seat. Yes, even walk-ins need registrations for the waiver, and the emergency contact information. The name is Coldwell. So our count goes to 113, but only the ones with Jeeps will go into the lottery. It's the Jeeps I'm limiting, not the people. So on the 1st of May I've been asked by a few folks to publish the list of names for who made the top 50 and who didn't, and what their lottery number was. I will do that unless someone presents a good reason why I should not. Or if they don't want me to publish their name, please contact me with a Private message or email so I have a reminder for who I should remove from the list. I don't plan to publish every one from each registration, just the name of the person in the top slot. So if "David" is in the top slot, his name will get published. If Jimmy, Johnny, Joanny, Janet, and Josephine are also on the registration, their names will not get published, but they will be able to come if "David" gets selected. I used David because we must have over 50 Davids in the list of registrations.

This week and next week are it for receiving registrations to get into this year's FCT. Any registration received after April 30th will be added to the back end of the alternate list. That will be a long list. This year is the first time in the 5 years we've done registrations that the number of alternates will exceed the number of primaries. My plan is to contact alternates in their order to replace any primaries who drop out. I've already had one person/Jeep drop out for family reasons. I expect more to do so. In 13 days we'll know who's coming and who's not. Good luck to each of you and may the numbers favor you.

Lew Ladwig

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Jan 13, 2021
If you ever need jeep cash, you could start a gravel pit. Those cobbles are worth lots in Denver! Lol


Feb 7, 2021
This is the list of folks who sent in registrations with Jeeps for the 2021 Fall Color Tours. These are the primary people on each registration. This does not include folks who are attending without a Jeep. This list does not include any passengers who would accompany the drivers in the list. These drivers represent their Jeep. They are the person in the first line of the registration forms. As I’ve written before, my intent is to have 50 Jeeps in attendance. It’s not to limit the number of people, it’s to limit the number of Jeeps. Because it’s the number of Jeeps on the highway, and on the trail, behind each guide that causes issues for the guides. Not the number of people in each Jeep. The total number of people can be an issue for resources at Thirsty Dirt Ranch. By limiting the number of Jeeps, we keep the number of people within the capacity of the ranch to support them all.

I was asked by a few folks to share where they came out in the listing for random numbers. So here, in numerical order, is the listing of #1 line drivers who registered. The random number function I use in Excel will often generate duplicate and triplicate numbers. That’s because each calculation in each line is truly random. That’s why you will see many duplicate numbers, and you may notice that there are many numbers missing in the RandNum column. I have no control over what numbers get chosen other than to set the top and bottom limits for the range of numbers to be considered. I set the limits for the random number equation at 1 and 115. I put each name in alphabetical order in one column. In the next column I put a random number equation. I ran the equations to generate the random numbers. I copied the value from the random number equations into a third column to freeze the numbers from the equations. I sorted the names based on the values copied into the third, RandNum, column. I assigned place numbers to each name. I separated the lists between places 50 and 51. The results are what you see below.

Place Primary List RandNum
1 Brozek, Jeffrey 2
2 Clark, Traci 2
3 Dennis, Ronald 3
4 Donaldson, Tyler 6
5 Pierce, Bill 6
6 Gibson, Rick 6
7 Girmus, Brandon 7
8 Johnson, Alan 9
9 Lee, Stan 9
10 Luber, David 10
11 Payne, Caleb 12
12 Robbins, Jim 12
13 Walker, Jerry 15
14 Wilson, David 15
15 Hoffman, Gary 16
16 Ladwig, Lew 16
17 Rice, Michael 18
18 Rodgers, John 18
19 Vollers, Pete 20
20 Vogelzang, Steve 20
21 Gonzalez, David 20
22 Evans, Richard 21
23 Phillips, David 22
24 Patik, Steve 23
25 Ralls, Tom 24
26 Schiefer, John 24
27 Kjome, Finn 24
28 Komlenic, Rodney 25
29 Howard, DJ 27
30 Carlson, Kris 27
31 Boog, Kevin 27
32 DeYoung, Joe 28
33 Avery, Randi 30
34 Martin, Nicolas 32
35 Campbell, Cheryl 33
36 Rodgers, Wade 34
37 Bensinger, Daryl 35
38 Frey, Richard 36
39 Frantz, Richard 39
40 Scharping, Jeff 39
41 Evans, Brian 40
42 Mattes, Brian 41
43 Logan, Dave 41
44 Schroth, Walter 42
45 Hendry, Joshua 43
46 Bokelman, Steven 44
47 Pineda, Ernie 44
48 Jones, Tom 44
49 Johnson, Jim Jr. 45
50 Campbell, Dale 46

51 Mattes, Clyde 48
52 Ongaro, Ernest 49
53 Pierce, William 49
54 Johnson, Kevin 50
55 McNeill, Graham 50
56 Seifert, Chris 50
57 Martin, Tanner 51
58 Marshall, Bruce 51
59 Woolley, Chris 52
60 Bullard, Michael 53
61 Hopkins, David 57
62 Marshall, Dean 58
63 Mercier, Charles 61
64 Sasser, Craig-Ellis 62
65 Pierini, Dee 63
66 Croge, Michael 64
67 Mobley, Chris 65
68 Hensler, Seth 66
69 Jones, Edward 69
70 Reeb, David 72
71 Day, Casey 72
72 Mortensen, Ian 74
73 Brendel, Jeff 74
74 Collins, Brian 75
75 Heater, J.W. 75
76 New, Terry 75
77 Van Deusen, Jay 76
78 Tarvin, Mike 76
79 Hackney, Terry 79
80 Reichert, Steven 79
81 Heimbigner, Mike 79
82 Teel, James 80
83 Price, James 83
84 Andersen, Peter 83
85 Reihe, Brian 84
86 Leland, Todd 84
87 Reichow, Chad 86
88 Westerman, Bob 88
89 Dusharm, Paul 90
90 Linafelter, Bruce 92
91 Pesek, Andrew 92
92 DeGan, David 98
93 Wesely, David 98
94 Boldt, Bill 98
95 Reed, Christopher 100
96 Martinez, Tony 101
97 Consalvo, Sal 101
98 Farenbaugh, Matt 101
99 Simpich, Ragan 101
100 Collard, Chris 102
101 Brown, Dwight 105
102 Duarte, Daniel 105
103 Bauer, Karl 107
104 Jenkins, Joe 107
105 Snow, Stuart 109
106 Weikert, Jake 109

For those on the Alternate list, there will be some folks who made the primary list who will withdraw for one reason or another. My plan is to go down the alternate list, in order, to fill that vacated primary spot. In years past I’ve gone through up to 12 alternates trying to fill positions. The farther down the list you are, the less likely you will be selected to fill an empty primary slot. Better luck next year.
My congratulations to the folks on the Primary List. My condolences to the folks on the Alternate list.


Feb 7, 2021
FCT Draft Schedule September 2021

Sunday, 19th, 1:00pm, Thirsty Dirt Ranch Mountain Driving Academy
2:30pm, Newby check ride, Brown's Creek Area

Monday, 20, 8:30am, Driver's Meeting in front of the shop.
8:50, Ron leads to Granite trails
8:55, Bruce leads to Buffalo Peaks
9:00, Mike leads to Bald Mountain

Tuesday, 21, 8:00, Driver's meeting for Ron's ride
8:10, Ron leads 3 pass route over Hancock Pass, Napoleon
Pass, and Tincup Pass.
8:30, Driver's meeting for Mike's ride
8:45, Mike leads 2 lake route to Northfork Reservoir, Billings Lake
and Pride of the West Mine

Wednesday, 22, 8:30, Driver's meeting
8:55, Bruce leads Turret Road 182
9:00, Mike leads CORE work project

Thursday, 23, 8:30, Driver's meeting
8:55, Ron leads Grizzly Lake and/or Iron Chest
9:00, Jpet leads 4-mile area loop

Friday, 24, 8:30, Driver's meeting
8:55, Ron leads Aspen Ridge South group
9:00, Bruce leads Aspen Ridge North group
12:00, Both groups meet for lunch

Saturday, 25, 9:00, Driver's meeting
9:10, Bruce leads Saint Elmo ghost town tour

Tour descriptions:
Newby check ride, Brown's Creek area, easy ride through open forest to make sure
all newby Jeeps are tuned and ready for the rest of the week. Elevations up
to 9,000 feet.
Granite trails. Getting explored this weekend (July 3-4). More later.
Buffalo Peaks. Moderate difficulty. Low range for many areas. Road goes to edge of
Buffalo Peaks Wilderness. Old cabins and mines along route. Elevations to
10,500 feet.
Bald mountain. Moderate trail on shelf road up Bald Mountain. Short day. Part of
route up a sandy stream bed. Grand view of Arkansas River valley from top.
Elevations to 9,600 feet.
3 Pass Route. Difficult trail over basketball size rocks over Hancock Pass, Napoleon
Pass has cobbles, Tincup pass has cobbles and bedrock. Very scenic vistas.
Elevations to 12,400 feet.
2 Lake route. Moderate trail with steep pitches up to FS campground at North Fork
Reservoir, then above treeline to Billings Lake and Pride of the West Mine.
Elevations to 12,000 feet.
Turret Road 182. Moderate trail over rock ridges and sandy stream beds. Great views
across Arkansas River valley toward the 14,000 foot mountains. Elevations
to 9,750 feet.
CORE (Colorado Off Road Enterprise) work project. Trail maintenance work to keep
trails in good condition. Specific project has not been set yet.
Grizzly Lake/Iron Chest. Difficult trails climbing up a rock face or over basketball and
larger boulders. Beautiful scenery and good fishing in Grizzly lake. Elevations
to 11,750 feet.
4-Mile Area Loop. Easy to moderate trails with steep pitches, whoop-de-doos,
and grand vistas of 14,000 foot mountains. Elevations to 10,000 feet.
Aspen Ridge trails. Easy to moderate trails with scenic vistas and drives thru
many aspen groves. Old cabins and mines along route. Visit to a ghost town
called Futurity. Coordinated lunch stop for entire FCT group. Elevations to
10,000 feet.
Saint Elmo ghost town. Easy route on County and Forest Service roads. Scenic
views along Chalk Creek canyon. 1800's graveyard. Waterfalls. General store.
Chipmunks that will eat seeds from your hand or lap. Elevation to 10,000 feet.
Townsite has one room schoolhouse, 1800's buildings.

As I post these elevations for each ride, remember that the Thirsty Dirt Ranch where
we start each day is at 8,020 feet elevation. Buena Vista is at 8,200 elevation. Salida
is at 7,000 feet elevation.

Easy trails can be driven in 2wd in a Jeep. Moderate trails require 4wd and often
low range to negotiate steep grades or rugged road beds. Little to no risk of damage
to Jeeps. Difficult trails require low range 4wd. There is a risk of vehicle damage
on these routes, but careful driving will mitigate that risk.


Feb 7, 2021
We are two weeks away from FCT and I've already gone through over two dozen alternates trying to fill the 13 primary slots that were vacated this year. I did not anticipate losing so many primary people, or having to contact so may alternates. I've been able to fill all the empty slots so we should have a good showing of Jeeps.

I've heard from Marcus, the head of CORE, about our project for Wednesday. It will be up on the Pomeroy Lake Road. I have not been up there to see the project yet. I hope to do that next week to get a good understanding for what we will be doing.

The Thirsty Dirt Ranch will be ready for folks to come camping starting on Friday, September 17. I wish everyone who's on the list to have safe travels both coming and going. And I look forward to seeing everyone here for Fall Color Tours this year!

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Jan 13, 2021
A few pics:


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Jan 13, 2021
A few pics:


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Feb 7, 2021
Casey, I'm sorry to hear about your leg. I wish you the best as you recover. Hopefully we'll be able to have you join us in the future.