Dana 20 TC on a CJ2A?

Sep 1, 2021
Hello everyone, I am overhauling the transmission (T90 and TC) on Chick Magnet, my 1948 CJ2A converted to electric.

From the Novak website, it seems that a Dana 20 TC would bolt into the T90. One advantage of the Dana 20 over the original Dana 18 is the direct output to the rear driveline, which saves the energy lost over three gears. The two concerns are (a) the rear driveline would go at a diagonal to the rear differential (located on the passenger side of the axle), and (b) no more parking brake (which is an issue since electric motors don't have that engine brake factor).

Any word of wisdom?

Is there an axle, compatible with the CJ2A, that has a center differential and, more importantly, a parking brake connection located in the wheel drums?

Thank you for your help.

For giggles, I have attached pix of my T90 countershaft. Looks like some millenial learned to drive on my CJ in the last 74 years!IMG_20220905_200925.jpg


Feb 24, 2021
Sounds like you need a narrow track 44 out of a 72 till around 78 CJ5. It will have the e brake and the center pumpkin. Same spring width.

Ouch that gear hurts.