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Hi Guys and hello from the UK, thankyou for letting me be a member of Flat Fenders.
I have a 1948 CJ2A called Sylvia


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Puddleduck, stop showing under your skirts!
Hi Lew,
I just found out about your forum from the CJ2A Page moments ago. I’m now a member of IFFC. Thank you for creating.
I don’t see a ‘patrol’ listed for Ohio. I may be the first Ohioan to join? How do we start a patrol group here and connect ourselves to it? I think that’s great as I’ve always wanted to find other Willys fanatics in my corner (NE) of Ohio.
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Lew Ladwig
Lew Ladwig
I'll get one set up, then you spread the word. I leave notes on jeeps all the time. Or follow the jeep until they stop. I give them the IFFC info and most sign up. Colorado Patrol is huge now!
It looks like you can't find old PM's. Just as well. I sometimes get out to that area but if not, my phone is 590 1386. I suppose I can wheel myself to chat Jeeps.